Celebrity BrainSurge: The Cast of Big Time Rush photo album

  • Big Time Braniacs
    The cast of BTR get ready to take on the competition in a challenge of nick wits!
  • Monster Minds
    This three-headed BTR BrainSurge beast is launching a full on show war!
  • Eager Einstein
    Logan is all set and ready to put his BTR brains to the ultimate test. Let the showdown begin!
  • Brainy Beauty
    BTR's James Maslow proved that there's more to him than just dashing good looks. He was one of the best players on the show!
  • Surge Shout Out
    Kendall of BTR takes a quick brain break give a holler to his homies. BTR boys in da hizz-ouse!
  • Surge-y Smile
    Big Time Rush's Carlos flashes his pearly whites to the cameras before the games begin. He may be all smiles now, but he's got some serious surging to do.
  • Face-off
    This gutsy Gustavo has got his game face on and he's not afraid to show it!
  • Cautious Kendall
    Keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, 'cause if you get this brain buster wrong, your trip might be hard to HANDle!
  • Surge Sludged
    James learns just how they award the best brainiacs on BrainSurge...with a slime shower of globbery goo!
  • Gullible Genius
    BTR's James might be the brainiest of the BrainSurgers in this celebrity smackdown, but is he sharp enough to see the slime shower coming his way?...Muahaha.
  • Two-Step Triumph
    James brought all of his best BTR moves to the show. Maybe that's why he was dancing circles around the competition.
  • Fun With Sutphen
    James gets some major host props from Jeff Sutphen after showing off his brainy brilliance in the second round.
  • Wise Winner
    James Maslow was looking totally brill after crushing the competition in the ultimate cranium challenge.
  • LoGONE
    Logan goes bye bye after answering one of Jeff Sutphen's quirky questions incorrectly.
  • Gone but Not Fog-gotten
    Even though Kendall got the boot with a face full of fog, we'll always remember his BrainSurge celebrity cameo.
  • Brain Surgery
    Dr. Kendall is scrubbing up for some tricky mind procedures!
  • Booger Boogie
    Jeff Sutphen just loves to boogie down in booger-y brain goo. Just look at his slime stomp next to James Maslow!
  • Jumpy James
    James is bouncing around like a caffeinated kangaroo during this brain-busting challenge.
  • Brain Gain
    Surge-ing superstar James Maslow uses his brain for gain and avoids the drain while competing in this raucous round of celebrity BrainSurge.
  • Big Time Big Headed
    BTR brainiac James Maslow has had so much Surge success, that his brain might be increasing in size a little too much. It looks like the only solution for his IQ ego is a serious Surge sliming.
  • BTR Battle
    The cast of BTR gets ready to duke it out for a spot on the third round of celebrity BrainSurge.
  • What a Gas-tastrophe!
    Uh oh, Carlos. It looks like you're guessing is gassed out and you're headed down the brain drain!
  • Surge Surfer
    Even though BTR's Stephen Glickman had a wits wipeout during the BrainSurge competition, he's still having fun surfing the suds of the brain drain.
  • BTR Bully
    Carlos Pena is getting rowdy with any competition that he thinks might be "victorious". Hey, play fair Carlos!