Degrassi Photos: "Unbelievable Part 1 & 2" photo album

  • Frankie and Hunter wake Zoe up the morning after Miles' party.
  • Maya is upset that Miles tried to buy her forgiveness.
  • Becky tries to interview Drew about his drinking habits for Degrassi TV.
  • Imogen, Becky, and Drew try to figure out who assaulted Zoe.
  • Imogen questions Dallas about Miles' party.
  • Zoe sees a video posted of her online. Problem is, she doesn't remember any of it.
  • Miles apologizes to Maya for being a jerk in the form of a song.
  • Becky films the sing-off, but can't get Zoe's incident off her mind.
  • Zoe has flashbacks during her dance routine.
  • Winston is interrogated by the police.
  • Zoe is questioned by police.
  • Grace reveals she is 'The Watcher,' and tries to help find out who is behind the assault video.
  • Becky is upset when she learns who was behind the assault video.
  • Becky tries to figure out whose side she's on.
  • Zoe confronts Luke in the school lobby before the basketball game.
  • Luke is exposed after Zoe reveals he was her assailant.
  • Becky tries to console Zoe.
  • Drew, Dallas, Miles, Maya and Tristan form a support group for Zoe.
  • Zoe thanks Becky for doing the right thing.