Degrassi Photos: "Thunderstruck, Parts One & Two" photo album

  • Tristan asks Zoe to go to the dance with him.
  • Miles invites Tristan to his house for a movie night.
  • Becky confides in Drew in the greenhouse.
  • Frankie and Miles fight over the remote.
  • Clare thinks she sees Eli while walking on the streets of New York City.
  • And then the storm hit.
  • Maya is upset to hear Zig invited Zoe to the dance with them.
  • After getting stuck at the hospital, Clare realizes she's missed her interview.
  • Tristan gets upset when Miles and Winston start talking about Mr. Yates.
  • Maya confronts Zoe about her almost kiss with Miles.
  • Miles apologizes to Tristan for being insensitive about his situation with Mr. Yates.
  • Tristan and Miles share a moment in the rain.
  • Drew, Imogen and Jack get worried when they can't find Becky during the storm.
  • Zoe chases after Maya in the torrential downpour.
  • The dance is cancelled and Degrassi students are forced to stay in the gym.
  • "If you come any closer, I'll kiss you," says Tristan.
  • Becky and Drew are stuck in the boiler room, so they...kiss?
  • Tristan and Miles clean up the pool and talk about last night.
  • Clare tells Alli about her interview at Columbia and her weekend in New York City.
  • Clare's pregnant?!