Family BrainSurge: Celebrity Guest Stars! photo album

  • Set Siblings
    These Nick Stars are as good as family. That's why they formed the perfect teams for Family BrainSurge!
  • Cranium Kress-tions
    Nathan Kress was ready to take on all the brain busting questions in round one!
  • Morrison Mayhem
    WWE star, John Morrison, was a force to be reckoned with when he took over the BrainSurge stage with his kick-butt kin.
  • Girl Power
    The WWE Diva Champ, Eve, showed some some female force when she joined the fun on Family BrainSurge.
  • Mighty Mind
    WWE's Gail Kim showed off more than just her mega muscles. She's got some serious brain power, too!
  • Mind Over Matter
    The Miz is the current reigning WWE champ, but can he conquer the competition in this brain busting challenge?
  • Tough Guys
    If Kofi Kingston and his brain bud are as smart as they are strong, they just might win the first place prize.
  • Family Flex
    Okay, this team's got some serious strength. But can they outsmart the competition?
  • Headlocked
    It looks like The Miz is about to be beaten at his own game!
  • Sutphen Smackdown
    These teams look strong, but can they conquer Jeff's cranium queries?
  • Face to Face
    These WWE stars are in for some heavy thinking when they come face-to-face with the Face Wall!
  • Family Ties
    These are hitting super-champs had a blast coming together for some good ol' fashioned family fun.
  • Toughening Sutphen
    Jeff was lookin tough while hangin' with the WWE crew. But does this mean he's ready to head into the ring?
  • Rowdy Relatives
    Hey, cool it kids! Or we're gonna have to call a family meeting...
  • Like Father Like Son
    The hilarious Anthony Anderson provided some cranium comedy when they joined in for some Brain Surge-ry.
  • Double Trouble
    When these celebrity families double-up, the competition gets fierce!
  • Family Matters
    To Full House star, Candace Cameron Bure, family matters most!
  • Williams Whizes
    Vanessa Williams and her daughter put their heads together for this cerebral challenge.
  • Head Start
    Anthony Anderson and his son decide to get a head start on all the brainy games.
  • Funny Bunny
    Anthony Anderson decides to give Larry King some friendly bunny ears before the games begin. LOL.
  • Perfect Pairs
    These celebrity fams are all paired up and ready to get this game started!
  • Lend Me A Hand
    Having an extra family member to help you out sure comes in handy. Just ask Candace Cameron Bure!