Friends: Best Moments photo album

  • Perk Up!
    This is where it all began. From first kisses to dating disses, the fab friends spent their finest moments sippin' on Central Perk joe.
  • Runaway Bride
    When Rachel runs out on her husband-to-be, she finds happiness and some new found friends in the big apple.
  • He's Her Lobster
    Through every one of their make-ups and we were on a break-ups, we never stopped rooting for these two loving lobsters.
  • Poking Fun
    When their ugly naked neighbor falls into too deep of a slumber, the friends conjure up a plan to make sure he's still alive!
  • Puppy Love
    Phoebe finally finds her birth mom!...And a new best friend.
  • That's My Sister!
    Sure, Monica and Chandler are happy in hiding now. But just wait 'til Ross finds out what they've been up to!
  • Pi-stache-ios
    When Rachel accidentally marries Ross in Vegas, thinks get a little bit nuts.
  • Bing Ring
    Monica Geller is about to become Mrs. Monica Bing. Hey, at least her middle name isn't Muriel.
  • It's the Holiday Armadillo!
    When Ross tries to teach Ben about Hanukkah, he goes for more of a wild approach.
  • Baby Emma
    Awww! Who would've thought that a formally big-nosed cheerleader and a dino-devoted science geek could make something this cute?
  • Game On!
    Even ten years later, Joey and Chandler's fooseball frenzy is on like Donkey Kong!...Just don't let Monica play. She's scary.
  • Final Farewell
    It may be time to say goodbye for these fine friends, but we can still relive all our favorite memories over and over, and over, and over...