Glenn Martin, DDS Holiday Flipbook photo album

  • Cavity-Free Christmas
    A life-sized drill throws Glenn Martin's charming RV Christmas scene into perspective. Bring on the puppets!
  • Dental Den
    Glenn Martin, D.D.S. set designers drill away at a rustic, winter cabin that will replace the RV in the upcoming Christmas special.
  • Rudolph The...Dentist
    Glenn Martin's face is re-imagined as a mounted reindeer head.
  • Christmas In Cavity Town
    A giant tooth fountain stands at the center of town on the set of the upcoming "A Very Martin Christmas."
  • Meat the Martins
    The Cavity Town Butcher Shoppe had better be loaded with hams this holiday season!
  • Molar Ice Caps
    A decaying tooth stands at the center of a snowy winter town.
  • Santa Floss!
    Conor puts a dental spin on old Christmas traditions. Hey, did he just come out of the toilet?!
  • Abominable Outline
    This sketch was where all of Glenn Martin's Abominable Snowman action started!
  • Almost Abominable!
    The final Abominable Snowman head is shown in all its sculpted glory.
  • Inching Toward Abominable
    The Glenn Martin design team experiments with different heads for their Abominable Snowman.