Glenn Martin Test photo album

  • She Got a Hot Room
    Carly's scored the all-time bombest bedroom! Keep flipping for more episode pics & sneak peeks.
  • Surprise!
    The gang bombards Carly on her b-day with a special breakfast of champions.
  • Awwwwwww
    Super big bro Spencer knows exactly how to throw an early AM fiesta.
  • Yumsville
    What's better than breakfast birthday waffles?? Um, hello, waffles on a stick!
  • Showtime
    Sam's all smiles when she's got the noise-machine geared up.
  • Close Up
    Freddie zooms in to catch the girls in action.
  • Gibby Pie
    Delish! This birthday gift is half-baked at best.
  • It's Seriously Hot
    Bedroom completely burned? It could be worse, Carly. It could be your birthday. Oh wait...
  • Big Bro to the Rescue
    Carly's revamped room is a miracle! Can you say TRAMPOLINE?
  • Killer Closet
    Now Carly can just spin her way to the perfect outfit, everyday!
  • Take a Bite
    It'll be hard, but Sam is going to have to hold herself back form munching this pretty treat.
  • Dreamy Chandelier
    This sea of glittery gummies is just one glimpse of what's in Carly's room. Tune into iGot a Hot Room, Friday 7/31 at 8PM to see her cool new digs!