Quizzes | See Dad Run Quiz: Which Hobbs Kid Are You?

See Dad Run Quiz: Which Hobbs Kid Are You?

Things in the Hobbs household may get pretty loony from time to time, making life at home with three siblings one wacky adventure! Get in on the fun and take this quiz to find out if you're more like Emily, Joe or Janie!

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  • It's the first day of school! What's top of mind?

    • Being on time! Lateness really makes my asthma act up.
    • My outfit, duh! A new year means new people to impress!
    • Breakfast for two please! Eh...Too soon?
  • Your friends would describe you as...

    • A little silly and wacky, but in a good way!
    • Kinda moody, but good at heart.
    • Sweet and lovable!
  • Hello sunshine! It's a bright Saturday morning, and you're...

    • Staying active! Maybe I'll practice reciting lines for my school play.
    • Shopping at the mall with my bestie!
    • Playing outdoors with my fuzzy teddy.
  • When you grow up, you're gonna be...

    • Ahem...A responsible adult
    • Married to my high school crush, totes!
    • A veterinarian with a specialty in monkeys.
  • The world is full of heroes, but who inspires you the most?

    • King Cesar
    • My mom...and Matthew Pearson, gosh he's so dreamy.
    • Dr. MonkeyChunks
  • Time for a FAMILY ROAD TRIP! How are you keeping busy on the long ride?

    • Trying to bond with my Dad.
    • Talking/texting/takings pics, um...should I continue?
    • Playing with my older brother!
  • What's the ONE thing you have to do before going to bed?

    • Lay out my clothes for the next day to save time in the morning.
    • Leave my cell phone ringer on, just in case my crush calls!
    • Get tucked into bed!
  • What's your signature t-shirt say?

    • "It Ain't Classy but I Get Gassy"
    • "Too Cool for School"
    • "Monkey Doctors Are Real"
  • Birds of a feather flock together. What's your BFF like?

    • Old...real old, but always reliable.
    • Loud, and not afraid to speak his/her mind.
    • Quiet most of the time, but always there when I need them.
  • What's your biggest pet peeve?

    • Not getting to school on time.
    • My dad.
    • Mommy, what's a peeve?