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Benny Lopez

Benny Lopez is not your typical, well, anything. George's mother is a big, unpredictable personality that keeps everyone on their toes. Benny has concocted an assortment of lies about George's childhood. Her only problem is that she can't keep track of them.

BELITA MORENO: Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Belita Moreno's acting career spans three decades and as many media (TV, film and theater). As a young actress in Hollywood, Moreno, who plays George's overbearing mother, Benny, met legendary director Robert Altman and co-starred in three of his classic films: "A Wedding," "Three Sisters," and "A Perfect Couple." Since then she has appeared in numerous memorable films, including "Mommy Dearest" and "Nobody's Fool." Throughout, Moreno has been known as one of the industry's most prominent acting coaches, working with many of today's top stars and consulting with several major filmmakers. Maria Moreno currently lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two children.

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