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Carmen Lopez

Carmen is George and Angie's teenage daughter. She's a whip-smart teenager who can be counted on to voice her opinion...share some unique nuggets of adolescent wisdom.

MASIELA LUSHA: Masiela Lusha played Carmen Lopez on "The George Lopez Show" for 5 seasons. She was born on October 23, 1985 and raised all over the world. Before settling in Michigan at the age of seven, Masiela lived in Tirana, Albania; Budapest, Hungary; and Vienna and Austria.

Masiela portrayed Nina, fast-talking best friend on the animated series, "Clifford's Puppy Days". Masiela also appeared on the feature film "My Father's Eulogy," "Cherry Bomb" and "Muertas."

Masiela published a book in two languages (and designed the cover herself) and was named "The Youngest Author in the World" and one of "The Best Top Ten Talented Poets for North America", for her first book "Inner Thoughts." Her second book of poetry is called "Drinking the Moon" Her writing also includes screenplays, short stories, and her first novel, "The Besa."

Before taking on acting, Masiela began her career as a model. She was named one of five "Most Likely to Succeed" by Teen Magazine in 2000.

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