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Conor Martin is Glenn and Jackie's dim-witted 13-year-old son. But what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in raging hormones. When Conor isn't thinking about girls, he's thinking about women. Who can blame him for marrying an Amish spinster? Or dressing up as a woman to fight in a boxing tournament? Or climbing a cell phone tower and burning his face off? Don't all 13-year-old boys do that?

PETER OLDRING One of Canada's bright young comedic talents, Peter Oldring has improvised across North America and was selected by the Second City to perform with an all-star alumnus cast to open The Second City in Los Angeles. He has been seen on "Improv Heaven and Hell" and has twice performed at the Just for Laughs World Improv Championships. The on air voice for Much More Music, Oldring was a regular cast member on CBC radio's "The Muckraker." Oldring has lent his voice to several animated series, including "Braceface" with Alicia Silverstone and "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids" with Brooke Shields and Rick Morranis. He is the voice of Rabbit on "My Friend Rabbit," is a regular with Dave Thomas on "Bob and Doug Mc Kenzie," and stars with Micky Rooney in the animated special "A Mizer Brothers Christmas." His non-animated film and TV credits include "K-19: The Widowmaker," "Focus," "Hollywood North," "The Man," "Lost and Delirious" and "History Bites." He stared with Dan Akroyd and his good buddy Dave Thomas in the Feature Film "Intern Academy." He's a regular on Comedy Central, the Comedy Network, CMT's "Foxworthy's Big Night Out" and "Blue Collar TV" on The WB.

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