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Jackie Martin is a proud wife and mother. She's fond of her creature comforts, but she'll get used to life on the road in a cramped RV long as it doesn't kill her first. Jackie's an overachiever who really hasn't achieved all that much, but that's okay with her, as long as the kids keep their sneakers off the furniture.

CATHERINE O'HARA The winner of the 2007 National Board of Review Award for Supporting Actress for her work in Christopher Guest's comedy, "For Your Consideration," Catherine O'Hara first got into acting, writing, improvising, and directing with Toronto's Second City Theatre. Later, with fellow alumni, she created the comedy show "SCTV," for which she won an Emmy Award and earned four additional Emmy nominations. O'Hara's early film work includes "After Hours," "Heartburn," "Beetlejuice," and the first two "Home Alone" movies. She has worked with Guest as a member of the ensemble casts of "A Mighty Wind," "Best in Show," and "Waiting for Guffman," and among her TV credits is a recurring role on HBO's "Six Feet Under" in 2003. Catherine has also provided voices for animated characters in "Nightmare Before Christmas," "Over the Hedge," and "Monster House." O'Hara most recent flim credits include Spike Jonzes' "Where the Wild Things Are" and Sam Mendes' "Farlanders," and she'll co-star with Claire Danes in HBO's upcoming "Temple Grandin" project.

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