About Married With Children

Bring on the Bundys! TV's favorite dysfunctional family has found a happy home on Nick at Nite. And their family tale is one of love, marriage, and all those lovably annoying things in life. When Al Bundy realizes his football glory days are a thing of the past, he finds himself in a middle-aged slump, surrounded by a family that he loves...loves to complain about, that is. And to top it all off, he's fallen victim to the "Bundy curse" which dooms him to a lengthy life as an unsuccessful women's shoes salesman. Al is the man of the household, but his wife Peg, son Bud, daughter Kelly, and unbearably annoying neighbor Marcy always find a way to foil even his smartest schemes. Or maybe he just has his own bad luck and dim wit to blame. Either way, the Bundy's bring on a bundle of fantastic family laughs.