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Denise Huxtable

Denise Huxtable is the second oldest, free-spirited daughter of Clair and Cliff. She's the artistic child, into fashion and self-expression. She attended to Cliff and Clair's alma mater, Hillman, for two years before heading to Africa where she meets and marries a Navy officer, who has a daughter, Olivia, from a previous relationship. This is all revealed in season six. Cliff and Clair are shocked but take to Olivia right away.

LISA BONET Lisa Bonet started acting in commercials at age eleven. She was 16 when she won the role of Denise Huxtable. Four years later, Bonet's started to shed her good-girl image when she married musician Lenny Kravitz and had a daughter, and then appeared in the controversial film, "Angel Heart." She left "The Cosby Show," but reappeared as Denise in the spin-off, "A Different World." Bonet rejoined the "The Cosby Show" cast from 1989 to 1992, when the series ended. Bonet regained the spotlight with a role in 1998's "Enemy of the State," and for her performance in 2000's "High Fidelity." She has directed several music videos (including one for ex-husband Kravitz) and was in several episodes of the TV show, "Life on Mars" in 2008 and 2009.