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  • Ship of Frans: Mambo show

    Ship of Frans: Mambo


    The Nanny: "Ship of Frans: Mambo"

    Fran and Mr. Sheffield tear up the dance floor, mambo-style.

  • The Gym Teacher: Maxwell's Speech show

    The Gym Teacher: Maxwell's Speech


    The Nanny: "The Gym Teacher: Maxwell's Speech"

    The family watches from home as Maxwell and C.C. accept an award on TV.

About the Show

About the Show

The Nanny

Fran Fine, a working class woman from Queens, has just been dumped by her boyfriend/boss. To make ends meet, she begins selling cosmetics door to door and ends up on the doorstep of rich widowed Broadway producer, Maxwell Sheffield, where she stumbles upon the opportunity to become the nanny for his three rambunctious children, Maggie, Brighton, and Grace. At the helm of the Sheffield household is Niles, th...

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